One place for all your work

Save all your creations with pictures, description & tags

Share them with your team & clients

Portfolee is a tool that provides you and your team a space to store and catalog all the projects you have been working on and to be able to easily browse them anytime you wish.

Portfolee is currently under development and privately used by a few early users.

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Features & benefits of using Portfolee

Projects database

Start adding and documenting all the projects then quickly locate them using a powerful Gmail-like search system.

Grid view

View all the projects in a easy to browse grid sorting by latest added.


Add projects real dates and view all the work in a visual timeline as the years and months went by.

Private by default

All the information is private by default so you get to decide who sees what and when.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your team members and allow them to both view all the projects and to add their latest work.

Controlled sharing with clients

Share with your client either in person / in a meeting, or by creating a shareable collection of projects and sending the link.

Add screenshots & videos

Take screenshots or record videos of how the website/application works and upload them to the project as a visual presentation.

Tag to quickly locate

Tag the projects to later quickly find similar projects. Wanna know how many apps your team has built? Use the #app tag.


Add both general description ot the entire project or specific, per screenshot to describe that one part of the project.

Improve team morale

When is the last time you have congratulated a dev on your team for building that API? Or your designer for creating that amazing looking logo? Now everything you guys are working on will have a place and you can congratulate your team mate!

Stay updated

So all the team builds lots of great things for clients but you were not part of that project and it didn't hit your company's website portfolio. But now it got posted on Portfolee and you got the news in your Inbox!

Easy wizzard & reminders

Indeed it can take some time to properly document all the projects you've done lately. Don't have it right now? No worries, just add them with the title only and Porfolee will kindly remind you to get back and document a little bit when you're not that busy.

Use cases

Knowledge base

Use it as a safe knowledge base and gallery of all the amazing work you or your team did and always get back to it as time pases.

Have ALL your projects there

One of the issues is that only the projects that are either nice visually or you have your client permission to post it online get on your website. The rest, are LOST in dark corners of some code repo or folder.

For Sales departments

So all this knowledge base is useful for you and your team but can be also used at the time you need to sell a new project, or by entire sales departments to have proper arguments when meeting with new clients.

For who is this tool

Solo / freelance

If you are a freelance, developer, designer, artist, maker of any kind tech or non tech realted. Jump in & add your works!

Teams & agencies

If you're a small team or agency that builds all kind of projects, sites, webapps, mobile apps, design work, or any kind of work that can be documented.

Big corps (even)

Even if you are a big company with a lot of employees and departments you can still take advantage of the features provided and improve both your dev & sales teams knowledge.

What's the story behind it?

The idea behind this tool is the result of two things:

1. Last year I have started another personal side-project dedicated to managing my pictures and videos in the cloud.

2. At the same time at our software development agency HeavyDots we had just hired Ale as an account manager so she was going to work on both closing new deals and managing existing projects.

The only thing Ale knew about all the work we have done for our clients until now was just from our public portfolio page that contains only about 16 projects that our clients allowed us to post on the website and that are visually attractive.

Even on those projects, there was too little information to fully understand how they work and the amount of expertise we have in store.

So the problem we have spotted was:

- Hey, we don't have a visual and searchable database with meaningful info of all the projects and work we have done
- We've got at least 10 times more projects and we have no quick way to show them to Ale or to any new future team member
- Heck, we don't even have that info for ourselves

Yes, we do have code repos, we do have Drive folders and so on but that is project information we used to work on it, not a easy to understand presentation of what the project is about and how it works.

And so, we started to think of a way to scratch our own itch.

Out of the blue I realized the personal pictures side-project had like 80% the structure of a MVP solution that we needed here.

  • On AllMyPicz you create albums and add pictures & videos to them
  • On Porfolee you create projects and add pictures & videos to them, plus descriptions, tags, and additional relevant information related to the project

The rest is history, and we're writing it as you read! ;-)

Want to stay updated or to try it as soon as possible?

If you want to stay updated and know when there is a public release (hopefully soon) then follow @portfolee and @atrandafir as I will regularly post updates of the status of the development.

If you want to be one of the private early users please send me a Tweet or drop me a line at